Why a Six-Pack?

Abs are more popular than ever. Men want them. Women want them. For countless people worldwide, they're the new "How much ya bench?" And we think that's fantastic.

There's nothing like that finely etched, defined midsection to say, "I don't just do this. I live this."

But let's be clear. There are abs, and then there are abs.

One of them says, "I've got training and eating figured out." The other says, "I need a sandwich."

One says, “I can see my muscles.” The other says, “I can see my organs.”

One is the centerpiece of a developed, balanced body. The other…isn't.

At Bodybuilding.com, we're not interested in helping you get skinny. We’re interested in making you an athlete. We want you to have the type of abs that say, "I'm in the best shape of my life right at this very moment. I feel amazing, and I’m ready for anything."

We've helped tens of millions of people find that feeling over the last two decades. And we can help you, too. All it takes is one hour a week to change your life. That's the secret behind the 7-Day Six-Pack.

You read that right: one hour. 

Four workouts a week, 10-15 minutes a workout.

Sure, there are programs that will offer you the same results in less time. They'll just have you swallow a pill or contort yourself on a creepy-looking gadget.

But let's be clear: The abs you steal by cheating the system aren't the same ones you'll earn by mastering the system.

Think of it another way: If six-pack abs are really a goal of yours, and you're not willing to give just one hour out of the 84 in a week to that goal, is it really that important to you?

That's barely 1 percent of your week. You probably spend more time than that staring blankly into the distance.

But make no mistake: You can make amazing changes by directing that 1% to the right tasks.

No, you won't "flush the fat out" with the 7-Day Six-Pack. You'll burn it healthfully, building the sorts of habits that will sustain you for a lifetime--a long, healthy one.

No, you won't have to find space to stash some torture device that you'll forget about in two weeks. You'll just rock some solid training designed by experts who have been doing this for a very, very long time. This is the type of approach that has already built the best-looking abs on the planet.

What Is Included In The 7-Day Six-Pack System?
1. Three Comprehensive Abdominal Training Programs
($100 value)

Programs for every type of goal: building up the "bricks" of your six-pack, shredding down, or rocking your workout with zero equipment.

2. In-Depth Technique Guidance, Plus Video Demonstration
($75 value)

You don't need a trainer to lead you through this routine. We're your trainer! You'll get targeted guidance for each of the movements in the program, plus video demonstration straight from the web's largest and most popular exercise database.

3. A Master-Level Education in Abdominal Anatomy
($50 value)

You need to know your abs before you grow your abs! Don't be that person who has a couple of visible abs, a sore back, and a kitchen-sink training approach with no rhyme or reason. Learn what makes a strong core from the inside out, and then put that knowledge into action!

4. Dietary Guidance to Help You Burn Fat While Building Definition
($60 value)

If your plan is just to stay hungry all the time and pray for results, you need a better approach! And we've got it. This is the science-backed approach that has already helped tens of thousands of Bodybuilding.com's fans build their best-ever bodies over the last two decades.

5. Simple Supplement Suggestions That Actually Work
($40 value)

Protein while burning fat: Yay or nay? What about fish oil? Is there anything you can take to make your ab training more effective or get a few more reps? Here's the simple, uncomplicated truth on supplements for ab training.

What's Missing In Most People's Ab Training?

Muscle, that's what. By putting their focus exclusively on fat loss, people end up starving themselves and overdoing their cardio training, chewing through valuable muscle mass. This makes them weaker at the precise time when they want to look and feel their strongest. It also makes it harder to see the muscle definition they're trying to show off.

You know that fitness model whose abs you've ogled on Instagram? Yeah, they know this.

The truth is that your abs are a muscle group like any other. If you want to see them, you need to stimulate them regularly, strategically, and with just the right amount of intensity. You want them to come to life under your skin.

To do this, you need to stop thinking only about fat loss, and give serious attention to muscle.

Muscle is shape. Muscle is strength. Muscle is "toning." Muscle is definition. Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying.

Having a dual focus on muscle and fat loss will make it easier to see your muscular definition, and it'll help you be stronger in everything else in your life, not just what you do in the gym.

We're Bodybuilding.com. We know muscle. And with the 7-Day Six-Pack, you'll add it where you need it, in just the right amounts.

You won't regret this. Just ask the millions who have already transformed with us.

Bodybuilding.com? But I'm not a bodybuilder! 

We've heard this countless times, and our answer is pretty simple: Yes, you are. 

You may hear the word "bodybuilding" and think of someone who eats the same bland foods every meal, works out while staring in the mirror, and doesn't own anything with sleeves.

We know plenty of those types of bodybuilders. But honestly, they're a tiny minority. 

If you're someone who doesn't want the modern world to determine how you look and feel, you're a bodybuilder. If you want to take control of your appearance, energy level, and health, you're a bodybuilder. 

If you want to redefine your expectations of what is possible for your life, you're a bodybuilder.

No matter if you're 16 or 86, big or small, on your own or with a huge family, if you want to be your best self, you're a bodybuilder.

Our site has provided training plans to elite lifters and total beginners, stage-ready models and everyday people. We're the most-visited health and fitness website in the world, not just the most-visited bodybuilding site.

Our motto is "We change lives," and we don't just say it as a goal. We say it because it's true.

So let's change yours.

Who Is Behind The 7-Day Six-Pack?
Bill Geiger, MA
  • Senior editor at Bodybuilding.com
  • Former editorial and fitness director with Muscle & Fitness
  • Author of hundreds of articles, editor of 16 books, including a best-selling abs book
  • Worked with Arnold Schwarzenegger on the legendary "New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding."
Krissy Kendall, PhD, CSCS*D, CISSN, HFS
  • Science editor at Bodybuilding.com
  • Former director of the Human Performance Laboratory at Georgia Southern University
  • Author or co-author of over 100 peer-reviewed papers, book chapters, and abstracts
  • PhD in exercise physiology
  • Certified by the National Strength and Conditioning Association, International Society of Sports Nutrition, American College of Sports Medicine
Paul Salter, MS, RD, CSCS
  • Bodybuilding.com nutrition editor
  • Registered dietitian
  • Master of Science in exercise and nutrition sciences
  • Certified strength and conditioning coach
  • Competitive powerlifter and bodybuilder
But I don't even belong to a gym!

You don't need to. That may sound like blasphemy, but you don't! 

The 7-Day Six-Pack contains three base programs. Two work best in the gym, but one can be performed anywhere, anytime, with no equipment.

You could even perform it in the kitchen. You've heard that's where abs are made, right?

But this program is just the start. We'll show you how to change your ab training every week so you can keep progressing endlessly.

This is the last ab program you'll ever need.

What is included in the 7-Day Six-Pack Plan?
  • Three comprehensive abdominal training programs for every type of goal: building up the "bricks" of your six-pack, shredding down, or rocking your workout with zero equipment
  • In-depth technique guidance, plus video demonstration
  • A master-level education in abdominal anatomy, function, and training
  • Precise guidance on how to make this program work and grow with you in the future
  • Dozens of additional exercises to swap out in the program, each with video guidance
  • Dietary guidance to help you burn fat while building definition
  • Simple supplement suggestions that actually work. No science-free flashes in the pan here!

Contact us: ebooksupport@bodybuilding.com

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